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Department of Pathology

Portrait Renate Kain Renate Kain, PhD

Our state-of-the-art diagnostics for patients are the most reliable and trend-setting basis for clinical therapy, especially for the rapidly developing field of personalized medicine. In our scientific activities, we work on understanding the causes of diseases. In our teaching for students and in post-graduate training, we convey the capabilities of the subject of pathology, which as the "science of diseases" also forms the basis of patient care for all clinical disciplines.

The Departlent of Pathology employs experienced specialists in every subfield of clinical medicine. The scientific achievements of the Institute are internationally visible and make it one of the most recognized pathology institutes in Europe. Finally, the Clinical Institute of Pathology makes a significant contribution to the quality assurance of clinical medicine as a whole through its autopsy activities, although these are no longer the main focus.